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Twins making music!

Robin & Timon Kellenberger from Bern (CH) write and perform together as SNÄRE since 2020 and released their second EP "Living In Gold" on the 6th of October 2023. With already two songs on the swiss national radio “SRF Virus”, SNÄRE got featured by the Zürich based house producer “Remady” for the single “Beautiful Life” which reached over 1’200’000 Streams on Spotify and opened the door for SNÄRE into the biggest Radio in Switzerland: SRF3.


Their music reaches from singer songwriter Pop to powerful House. In their songs and performances you feel a unique bond that channels love, joy, freedom and togetherness. With two voices, guitar and drums on stage, SNÄRE create a memorable, energetic and diverse live set that won’t let you stand still.


SNÄRE is named after a shortform of see you later in swiss german "Bis när" -> "snär" And because Timon & Robin see each other all the time 'snär is their common way of saying goodbye.


So in that sense:

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